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Find out why I finally walked into ...

Oh wait you already knew and sanctioned it! Why the hell are you looking here now when this is what you wanted?

Pearlette Vivian Toussant, J.D., B.A., Certified Nutritionist and Running Coach

Genuine Kindness goes a long way. Practice it. 2023 -- I did a couple of things I said I wouldn't and am continuing to do what I said I would.  1. storage unit in the State I visit the most. 2. Trust again. A nice, beautiful kind & young soul ("I believe you and I believe in you. [...] *magic + beauty*"); may all her dreams come true. Learn I did, no more bitties, hags, ran-throughs, or miserable people. 3. spend of the most winter somewhere WARM without SNOW. 

I will go after, obtain, and maintain all I have earned, all that I wish, all that I dream. Trust I will continue to give to those who earn that honor. 

The truth -- I am no whore (unlike the unnamed, I am intact), I am not a firm by a man's name, I am not a man, I am no slave (responsibility without power). I remain efficient, effective, intelligent, smart, and diligent. Try and try again they have to take me away, to push me away. I am STILL standing. I guess I'll take it, Star of the Show. lmao

As those who have signed agreements with me and mine have stated over and over again: I remain the most ethical and trustworthy person they have known. I remain loyal even to the person who everyone agrees: does not deserve a name. 

READ CLOSELY AND FULLY everything. The last page.

Tomorrow, December 2023, I return to the place I last knew rest (WITHOUT PA), to kindness & openness. As I promised one of my actual (former) clients, I will return stronger. You --what will You do--remain the same? Become a kind person? Start telling the Truth, or at least stop lying? Stop condoning racist pigs?  Exercise wisely that smooth brain, RM

As Bill Callahan sings, "One last black bird without a place to land One last black bird without a place to be
Turns around in hopes to find the place it last knew rest Oh black bird, over black rain burn This is not where you last knew rest
You fly all night to sleep on stone The heartless rest that in the morn, we'll be gone You fly all night to sleep on stone
To return to the tree with too many birds ..."