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Bio of Pearlette V. Toussant, Attorney At Law, Owner of Law Office of Pearlette V. Toussant LLC

What sets me apart is three fold: personal experience; education; and legal knowledge and experience. I have completed over 105 events of marathon or longer distances, including: 25 ultras (2 100 milers under 24 hours); a marathon in each of the 50 states; and 12 marathons in 12 days. In addition to marathoning, I enjoy gardening, traveling, word play, and intellectual conversations. My educational background includes one of the most demanding curriculums among liberal arts colleges and a top-ten Ivy law school. My legal background includes litigation, negotiations and drafting for individuals, small businesses, and large internationally known corporations. 

This demonstrates unwavering dedication to discipline, focus, and goals. I will not stop; and will use my intelligence and tenacity to achieve results for you. My ability to drill down and assess situations (creating new paths like in an ultra race) and people is second to none. 

I earned a B.A. in philosophy from Reed College ( in 1996, Reed is often described as the most rigorous college in the nation; after spending a year traveling in the United States, I began studying at University of Pennsylvania Law School ( and obtained my J.D. in 2000.

I started practicing commercial and franchise litigation with Buchanan Ingersoll, P.C.. At Buchanan, where I represented various franchisors (including McDonald's, Rita's Water Ice, Days Inn, and Familymeds, Inc.) in complex litigation matters, defending and prosecuting claims concerning disputes with franchisees. The disputes spanned from breaches of contract, territorial encroachment, covenants not to compete, injunctions, unfair competition, intellectual property protection, labor and employment, licensing, and regulatory compliance. My legal experience in corporate law has served my clients well.

In addition to my background in corporate commercial litigation, I have experience in litigating accounting fraud, and securities matters. I gained this experience during my tenure with Barrack, Rodos, & Bacine ( and while prosecuting In re WorldCom Securities Litigation case, which achieved a record-breaking $6.13 billion recovery for investors. While at Barrack, Rodos, & Bacine, I also served as lead counsel for other class action lawsuits involving securities and antitrust claims. As an associate with Booth & Tucker, I expanded my legal expertise and services to include personal injury litigation, successfully defending a premises liability matter on behalf of Temple University that resulted in a favorable jury trial.

Currently, with my firm solely (Law Office of Pearlette V. Toussant LLC), and in association with the law firm of Lyman & Ash (, I litigate matters that concern business disputes, family disputes, trust and estate concerns, constitutional violations, and statutory claims.